Travel to South Africa

The tour started 19th September 2009, 8 am, in front of the Church at Ziemetshausen. There was the opportunity to escort me as far as Memmingen.

With this tour I like to collect money for the project “Mother’s Voice” in Keetmanshoop (Namibia) which is supporting children and grown-ups who are HIV-positive. The catholic Church in Ziemetshausen established an account for this project:

Kirchenstiftung Ziemetshausen

account-Nr.: 40014961

BIN: 72051840 Sparkasse Krumbach

reason for payment: Namibiaprojekt


The tour is expected to be:

Ziemetshausen – Switzerland – France – Spain – Marokko – Mauretanien – Senegal – Mali – Burkina Faso – Ghana – Togo – Benin – Nigeria – Cameroon – Gabun – Kongo – Demokratic Rep. Kongo – Sambia – Namibia - South Africa


Under Reise nach Südafrika you can see where I’m actually are.

Information to the solidarity bike tour

19th September 2009, 8 am, was the start for my long bike tour to Cape Town with travel blessing at the Church Peter & Paul at Ziemetshausen.

The first leg from Ziemetshausen to Memmingen (about 56 km) was a solidarity bike tour.

Nearly 20 people accompanied me.